Las Vegas Coop of the Month- May 2018 - Jenny King

My chicken run consists of 2 coops, exactly the same but on opposite ends. It is approximately 40' long by 6' wide.

Having an extra coop allows me to block off one end of the run to socialize new pullets for a few weeks with the older girls.


I have 3, 5 gallon water buckets and 3, 5 gallon feeders. This makes going out of town easy. With this set-up, I have to feed and water once every 12-15 days. In the summer I add an open pan of water just in case.

There is plenty of space for my 7 hens. There is a door on the far end that leads out to the garden where they can free range on weekends.

Very secure and predator proof!


Las Vegas Coop of the Month- April Michelle and Ron Orr

To: Our 9 hens who are currently on strike By Michelle Orr
I realize today's youth tends to feel somewhat 'entitled' with no concept of what the real world is like so let me spell it out for you before you take this egg laying strike too far and end up on a dinner plate.

You ladies have a hen house that would be considered a dream home for many HUMANS. It was painted w/special heat reflective paint, lined with radiant barrier AND insulated with R13 throughout the walls and attic before being paneled. My husband INSTALLED AIR CONDITIONING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Do you know ANY yard birds with A/C? I think NOT.

You have multiple roosts to choose from inside and out, ample laying boxes to choose from, and a rodent-proof hopper that is always full of the best organic food money can buy. I had 5 tons of clean washed concrete sand dropped inside for your sanitary enjoyment.

You have a doggie door and 24 hr. access to a huge play area that is secure from predators complete with automatic water, a misting system, a kiddie pool, a 6ft x 4ft dedicated dust bath area, and plenty of scratch areas with lots of cool bugs to torment.

You get daily treats, you get to free range over the back yard when we're home, and you get all of my fresh garden scraps.
I'm not sure what else you think you are entitled to but in the real world there is no such thing as a free ride. So, continue your strike as you see fit but know that there are plenty of hens that can only DREAM of what you have and that would gladly drop us some freakin eggs. <veiled threat> Let that sink in.
Love, MOM